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wesley_noble Wesley Noble is a passionate UX Designer with deep roots in Midwest, USA. He drips empathy and loves meeting people to learn their stories, which he put to use on his UX Intern podcast with masters of trade like Whitney Hess, Lou Rosenfeld, Leslie Jensen-Inman, and Jared Spool.

He has promised that a real-life interaction with TARDIS would be…highly enthusiastic. Wesley secretly desires a big red button for fixing poor UX in any area of life, especially including noisy neighbors and the time it takes to get to England.

Working to rid the world of poor experiences is a tough job, but Wesley is on a Noble quest to earn the title, “crusader of betterment.” Just don’t ask him to live in a world without his tools of the trade: IKEA products, Simple banking, and poop emoji.

– Written by CK

ckhicks CK Hicks is a talented fronted developer, a hard worker, and a good friend. He has lived most of his life in Nebraska and is infatuated with cloud formations. He’s got a knack for capturing them, too – check out his Instagram. This project is a natural extension of his Midwestern roots and his love for people and their stories.

He thinks deeply and purposefully, and often. He’s totally going to write a book someday.

He also has a luscious radio voice and is on a perpetual health kick (pumpkin plantain pizza, anyone?). He says it’s delicious.

– Written by Wesley